Senator Gustavo Rivera Votes NO on Property Tax Cap

Gustavo Rivera

February 03, 2011

New York, NY – Senator Gustavo Rivera issued the following statement following his vote against S. 2706, also known as the property tax cap:

“I voted no for S. 2706, an unreasonable and arbitrary tax cap that ties the hands of local governments and school districts, because it eliminates their funding without eliminating their responsibilities. New York families will end up paying the price, whether they see massive cuts in the form of layoffs or cuts in education funding, public safety or other critical services during a time that the state is also contemplating budget cuts. While the property tax cap excludes New York City and consequently the entirety of my district, I voted against this legislation because no New Yorker should be fooled into thinking this legislation won’t cost them. This tax cap will create a starker inequality in New York between the wealthy and working poor of our state.”


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