Senator Rivera Announces Historic Passage of Common Sense Gun Laws

Gustavo Rivera

January 16, 2013

Bronx, NY- State Senator Gustavo Rivera (D-Bronx) today announced that the New York State Senate and New York State Assembly have passed comprehensive gun control legislation. This bill package was passed with unanimous support from the Senate Democratic Conference and included multiple pieces of legislation previously sponsored by Democratic Senators that had been blocked by the Republican Majority in the State Senate.

"I want to commend my colleagues on both sides of the aisle and Governor Cuomo for being a leader on this issue and leading the charge against the continued levels of senseless gun violence," said Senator Rivera. "While gun violence has been on the minds of most Americans due to recent tragedies, unfortunately, this issue has long riddled the 33rd Senate District in the Bronx. It is my hope that with the passage of this legislative package, we have taken an important step toward addressing issues of gun violence in our communities."

Specifically this legislative package includes expanding the assault weapons ban, strengthening license requirements and creating a statewide database, which law enforcement will utilize to help keep New Yorker's safe.

This historic package of bills is consistent with legislation proposed by the Senate Democratic Conference for years but consistently blocked by the Senate Republicans, including the following bills that I co-sponsored:

S.575 Gianaris - Provides for universal background checks for the sale of firearms

S.574 Gianaris - Regulates firearms and ammunition dealers by directing that such dealers hold a permit issued by the division of criminal justice services after an investigation of the applicant by such division; requires such dealers to have insurance and engage in certain security measures at their businesses; and establishes that a violation of this provision shall constitute a class A misdemeanor.

S.63 Peralta - Authorizes courts to revoke firearms license and seize the weapons of certain individuals

S.50 Peralta - Statewide Firearm License recertification

S.117 Peralta - Ammo background checks and law enforcement oversight