Senator Rivera Honors Campaign Pledge, Votes Against Delaying Independent Redistricting for 10 Years

Gustavo Rivera

March 14, 2011

Senator Gustavo Rivera, today, voted against S.3331, a Constitutional amendment that delays independent redistricting in the state of New York for another 10 years. Senator Rivera issued the following statement in response to the passing of this constitutional amendment, 32 to 30:

“Today, Senate Republicans chose to postpone independent redistricting reform for another 10 years rather than passing redistricting reform legislation they committed to passing during their campaigns. This last year, the people of New York went to the voting booth and demanded real reform, including independent redistricting. It is unacceptable that Senate Republicans have broken their campaign promises to their constituents and to the people of New York - and that they have done so out of political motivations and fear of losing power. I will continue to work with Governor Cuomo and my colleagues in the Assembly and the Senate to pass real, meaningful independent redistricting legislation.”

This legislation is a departure from Mayor Koch’s ethics reform pledge, which Senate Republicans, including Majority Leader Dean Skelos, signed during their 2010 campaigns.