Senator Rivera Honors LaTanga Blair, Inducts Her into Veterans’ Hall of Fame

Gustavo Rivera

May 23, 2012


Bronx, NY - Senator Gustavo Rivera (D, WF-Bronx) today honored LaTanga Blair, an United States Army E-4 Specialist, by nominating her to join the New York State Senate 2012 Veterans' Hall of Fame. Each year, Senators are able to nominate an individual to honor for their service to our country and their local community. 


"I am proud to have nominated LaTanga Blair for her outstanding service as a veteran as well as her ongoing service to her community in the Bronx," said Senator Gustavo Rivera. "In addition to bravely serving her country during Operation Desert Storm,  LaTanga continues to serve her community through her work reaching out to veterans on behalf of the Veterans' Affairs Medical Center in the Bronx.  Her passion for public service and for helping veterans, especially female veterans, is an inspiration to me and to the individuals and families she has touched through her service. The Bronx is proud to call her one of our own." 


LaTanga Blair states of her volunteer work, "By far, giving back to my fellow veterans is the most rewarding experience and no award could give me more satisfaction than seeing the smile of a veteran and a sincere thank you."


Below is a short bio for LaTanga Blair:


LaTanga was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. She joined the Army at the age of twenty in order to travel the world and gain a new perspective about herself through exposure to diverse cultures and people.  During her time in the Army, LaTanga served in a peace time operation called Sinai Peace Keeping and Observers, which upheld the peace between Israel and Egypt. She also processed soldiers in Dharhran, Saudi Arabia, and assisted the Airforce with loading outgoing aircraft, and setting up and assisting with administrations. During Operation Desert Storm, Latanga worked as Acting E-5 Sergeant.


After returning safely to the States, LaTanga wanted to make sure to continue living by the Army's motto, "Be All That You Can Be." She does so by serving the community of the Bronx as a Veterans' Affair Volunteer at the James A. Peters Bronx VA Medical Center in Chaplain Voluntary Services, an outreach program targeted at veterans in New York City and the surrounding areas. Through this outreach program, Latanga attends veteran events in order to inform female veterans of assistance and benefits they are entitled to and refer them to the nearest Veterans' Affairs (VA) Medical Center. 


In addition to her work at the VA Medical Center, LaTanga volunteers as an "on location" camera person for, which investigates community affairs in foreign countries.  LaTanga also enjoys spending quality time with her daughters and son.