Senator Rivera Hosts Second Town Hall Meeting as Part of District 33 Tour

Gustavo Rivera

May 16, 2011

Senator Gustavo Rivera (D, WF-Bronx) and Assembly Member Jose Rivera held a Town Hall Meeting on Sunday, May 15 at the Kingsbridge Heights Community Center. This is the second in a series of town hall meetings that Senator Gustavo Rivera is hosting throughout the 33RD Senate District over the next month. The next town hall meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 18 from 6:30PM-8:00PM at Twin Parks – 1880 Valentine Ave. Bronx, NY.


“I am holding town hall meetings throughout my district because I want my constituents to know that I am available to them,” said Senator Rivera. “It is important to me that the residents of the 33rd Senate District know they have a State Senator who cares about their concerns and wants to listen to their ideas about how to make our community better. I will continue to hold town hall meetings and other public events because so that my constituents feel they know me and my staff and that we know what they are going through in their day to day lives and how the issues the legislature debate in Albany impact them.”

"I have always believed that in order to serve my constituents, it is important to go to the community, reach out and share with them what their their representatives have been doing in Albany on their behalf as well as listen to the questions and concerns they raise," said Assembly Member Jose Rivera. "I want to thank those who came to the Kingsbridge Heights Community Center to discuss issues of concern to their neighborhoods and communities, especially the new faces of residents of my district that are becoming more civically involved. I also want to thank our new State Senator, Gustavo Rivera, for organizing the town hall meeting and for demonstrating his commitment to reaching out to his constituents."

At the first in the series of town hall meetings, Senator Rivera was joined by Assembly Member Nelson Castro and Council Member Fernando Cabrera for a meeting with community members at the Bronx Works Senior Center on Wednesday, May 11.