Senator Rivera Releases Results of Post Office Usage Survey In Northwest Bronx

Gustavo Rivera

June 06, 2012

Bronx, NY - State Senator Gustavo Rivera (D,WF-Bronx) today, released the results of a survey of post office usage conducted in the Northwest Bronx. The neighborhoods that were surveyed include Bedford Park, Norwood, Fordham and the Kingsbridge Heights area. The survey was conducted in response to the Van Cott and Botanical Gardens being placed on the list of post offices being considered for closure in the Bronx.

Click here to see the final results of the survey

"The results of the survey of residents of the Bedford Park and Norwood area were very clear: closing the Van Cott and Botanical Gardens post offices would be an extreme hardship, especially for the elderly and disabled who live in the area," said Senator Gustavo Rivera. "The majority of the individuals surveyed use the post office at least once a day and many individuals who claimed to go to the post office almost daily also spoke to the need to keep the post office open because it is the way they pay their bills through the post office through money orders. The goal of this survey was to arm the U.S. Postal Service with the information they need to keep the Van Cott and Botanical Gardens post offices open. While we are not out of the woods yet, I am confident that the post office will not close branches that would so disproportionately impact one community in the Bronx. We must continue to make sure that neither the Van Cott or Botanical Gardens post offices are closed."

Over 1000 individuals answered the postal usage survey over a period of a month. During this time, the survey was sent to individuals through the mail, handed out door to door and at community events as well as online. To see the survey questions, please click here.