Senate Passes Bill to Help Taxpayers

Hugh T. Farley

April 15, 2011

State Senator Hugh T. Farley (R, C, I - Schenectady) announced that he and his colleagues in the New York State Senate passed legislation on April 12th to help speed up the delivery of tax refunds owed to taxpayers by the state. The bill (S.2631) addresses excessive delays of up to two months from when taxpayers file their return to when they may actually see the refund from the state Department of Taxation and Finance.

Traditionally, the state Department of Taxation and Finance has held returns requesting refunds until April, even if taxpayers filed returns in mid-February This legislation requires the state to pay tax refunds within 30 days of the receipt of a taxpayer’ return, unless there is a discrepancy in the return. In those cases, the department would provide written notice to the taxpayer and a date when the discrepancy would be resolved. If the state fails to take these steps, it would be liable to pay interest on the refund to the taxpayer.

The bill has been sent to the Assembly.