Senator Farley Criticizes Upcoming DMV Fee Increase

Hugh T. Farley

August 06, 2009

State Senator Hugh T. Farley (R, C, I - Schenectady) criticizes, and warns constituents of, the new Department of Motor Vehicles fee increases that were included in Governor Paterson's budget and are scheduled to start September 1st.

"New York State drivers licenses and registrations will increase by 25 percent, and this will definitely hurt our upstate families who rely on vehicles to get to work, doctor's appointments and other necessary engagements. I strongly urge Governor Paterson to reconsider these hikes when we reconvene later this year to discuss budget issues."

"I've already received many calls from outraged constituents," Senator Farley said, "Not only were they shocked at the wide range of fee increases for motor vehicles and licenses, but they expressed concerns that more taxes and fees will force them to leave the State."


Senator Farley has gone on record stating he voted against the New York State Budget because of heavy taxes and fees that were hidden in it, as well as the elimination of the STAR property tax rebate checks.

"I did not support the tax and fee increases in the budget," Senator Farley said. "We must reduce taxes and give New Yorkers respite."