Drexel Avenue School Students Impress Senator Martins

Jack M. Martins

March 17, 2011

Senator Jack M. Martins continued his tour of the schools in the 7th Senate District by visiting the Drexel Avenue Elementary School in Westbury. Senator Martins met with Principal Dr. Wanda Toledo and Westbury School Superintendent Dr. Constance Clark-Snead before visiting with three of the classes in the school.

The Drexel Avenue School students not only learn in the classroom but they also learn about community service. Drexel Avenue School students are raising money for the Fisher House Foundation, which provides housing for families of military veterans who are receiving treatment at the Walter Reed Medical Center. With such projects, students at Drexel are receiving a complete education where they are learning academics in the classroom and learning how to contribute positively to society.

Senator Martins met with three classes with students having the opportunity to ask him questions about his role in the State Senate and current issues. Students asked well-thought out questions regarding funding going to school districts and the state budget. Senator Martins explained that the state has to stop spending more than it takes in, a trend that the Senate is working with the Governor to end.

Questions also revolved around what challenges a State Senator faces, how technology has changed government and Senator Martins goals. Senator Martins said that his goal is to work toward improving the state’s financial situation. He also responded to a question about his favorite genre to read being history and his favorite historical figure being George Washington.

“I was extremely impressed with the students of the Drexel Avenue School. They asked questions I would expect to get from a civic association and other elected officials. There was a question from a student about my favorite part of being a Senator and it would have to be visiting schools and listening to the questions and concerns of our young people,” said Senator Martins. “I have been impressed with all of the education taking place at every school I have visited in the Seventh Senate District and the Drexel Avenue School is no exception. It is a wonderful school with well-rounded students. I applaud the efforts of Dr. Toledo and the staff.”

During his last class visit at the library, school librarian Mrs. Matarrazo asked Senator Martins for the “Word of the Day.” The Senator responded, “Perseverance.”