Elmont's Star Pitcher Danny Aguilo Honored by Senator Martins

Jack M. Martins

April 25, 2011

In Pitching a No-Hitter, Aguilo Records Every Out By Strikeout

A sophomore from Elmont Memorial High School made Long Island baseball history this past week. Daniel “Danny” Aguilo, a pitcher on the Elmont Memorial High school baseball team, did something every little leaguer dreams of, pitching a no-hitter. Aguilo just didn’t pitch a no-hitter in 7 innings, he recorded his name in the history books with 21 strikeouts.

“The night before, I told my dad that I was going to pitch a no-hitter,” said the Elmont pitcher.

Aguilo was recalling the story with players from the team and Senator Jack M. Martins this past Saturday. Senator Martins visited with the team and presented Aguilo with a Senate Citation honoring the Elmont Memorial High School student for the no-hitter, and coming back from a difficult game he had experienced in his last outing.

“It’s an amazing feat and something Danny will remember for his entire life. But it’s just a start. Danny sets the bar high for himself and we all admire him for it,” said Senator Martins.

The Elmont Spartans beat Hempstead High School in that 7 inning game. The feat, according to Senator Martins, put Aguilo in the history books as no Long Island high school pitcher has ever struck out that many batters out in a 7 inning game. “What Danny did was incredible,” said Senator Martins.

“The day of the game I had a good warm-up. When it started, I walked the first batter and from that point on it was strike-out after strike out. I just kept concentrating,” said Aguilo.

Kevin Santiago, a member of the Elmont Memorial High School Spartan baseball team, said they knew something was happening around the third inning. “We knew Danny was on his game and he was throwing hard all the way through. As the strike-outs kept piling up, people went to go get a camcorder to videotape it.”

Kevin Peguero, Elmont’s catcher said, “During warm-ups I told Danny, 'you keep throwing like this, they won’t stop you.'”

During Senator Martins' visit with the team, players told the Senator about the excitement surrounding the game. “As the game went on, we couldn’t believe what we were seeing. He was throwing hard and every batter just kept going down,” said team captain Thomas Caraballo.

Ricardo Tross, the co-captain of the team, was also very proud of Aguilo. “He worked real hard out there,” he said.

The Elmont Spartan squad wasn’t done with no-hitters that week. The very next game, Spartan pitcher Enrique Sanchez came back with a no-hitter as well. Sanchez struck out 11 players against Hempstead High School.

Danny’s father, Hector Aguilo, said, “I told Danny to do his best and focus on the game.”

The game, according to players gathered on Saturday, was an important one for Aguilo, In his last outing, he had a difficult time and was down on himself as a result. His struggle against Sewanhaka High School taught the Spartan pitcher a few lessons. “You obviously learned something from what happened in that game,” said Senator Martins told Aguilo, who replied, "You don’t give up; you focus and get your team the win.”

During the visit and presentation of the Senate Citation to Aguilo, the players showed Senator Martins the video of the final strike-out and team celebration on a computer. The team huddled closely and remarked about the tension and excitement that led up to the last inning. As the moment when the video got to the last strike, the team leaned in as if to watch it again for the first time. Jonathan Greengroves, one of Aguilo’s teammates, said, “The whole thing is incredible.”

As players stood around and talked baseball with Senator Martins, the main focus, however, was on the next set of games. Senator Martins asked Aguilo what he will do prepare for the game. Aguilo said, “Focus, and get the win.”