Great Neck North Middle School Students Are 'Internet Smart'

Jack M. Martins

June 03, 2011

The Internet can be an extremely effective tool for obtaining information on just about any subject. It can also be used as a way to keep in touch with old friends. However, there can be a downside to children using the Internet as issues of privacy and cyber-bullying have crept up.

Students in Great Neck North Middle School are taking a vow to be safe while on the Internet. The eighth grade students participated in a program, Internet Smarts, which is designed to educate students about online activities and encourage safe and appropriate use of the Internet.

Internet Smarts, part of Cablevision’s Power to Learn education initiative, covered topics such as keeping personal information private, cyber-bullying, social networking, misinformation, fair use and copyright and illegal music downloading.

Jack M. Martins took part in the program, signing a certificate that proclaimed that the eighth grade students at Great Neck North Middle School “Internet Smart.”

“I want to thank Great Neck North Middle School for taking part in the program as well as Cablevision for providing an important learning tool. We all use the Internet for research and information but it has to be used right and not abused. The students and parents here in Great Neck are responsible and this only reinforces their commitment to being safe,” said Senator Martins.

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