Happy Birthday to the United States Marines Corps

Jack M. Martins

November 10, 2011

Senator Jack M. Martins extends birthday wishes to the United States Marines Corps, which is celebrating its 236th birthday on November 10. The Marines stopped by Senator Martins' District Office to pick up candy and toothbrushes that were generously donated by some of the schools in the Seventh Senate District. Some of the students also wrote touching letter to the soldiers, which were also given to the Marines.

On this day, November 10, 2011, happy birthday to the United States Marine Corps. "For over two centuries, the United States Marines Corps have been defenders of our freedom and way of life. All I can say is thank you and happy birthday. The service of our men and women in the Armed Forces are deeply imbedded in our nation's history. Every day we enjoy freedom is a tribute to them," said Senator Martins.

Senator Martins also thanked the students and parents from the schools in the Seventh Senate District for generously donating to the Sweets for Soliders campaign. Over 2,000 pounds of candy was donated!