Martins Classic Announces Alumni Games and “Battle for Exit 13” at the 3on3 Tourney

Jack M. Martins

July 02, 2013

The Martins Classic 3on3 announced today that 2 special games for volunteers and volunteer graduates of the tournament will take place the evening before the Martins Classic. The games have been entitled: “The Battle for Exit 13” and “Everyday a Star is Born.” The games will pit volunteers over the past decade of the tournament in a fun exhibition as part of the 10th anniversary celebration of the Senator Martins Classic. The sponsor of the “Battle for Exit 13” is Herve’ Duroseau and Captains of the Alden-Dutch teams are Jeffrey Cadet and Tristan Brown. The “Everyday a Star is Born” game was founded by Dillon Williams.

“'The Battle for Exit 13 and Everyday a Star is Born' games were developed by volunteers and staff. The objective was to add something special for tournament volunteers who have given so much over the years,” said Senator Jack Martins adding, “the rivalries and excitement is mounting to a fevered pitch.”

Community Leader Herve’ Duroseau and volunteers have teamed up to sponsor the games. “Everybody knows how hard the volunteers work to make the 3on3 a success. I have been a volunteer of the 3on3 for many years and that’s why I wanted to be a part of this special event. These games are about friendship, community and fun. I’m rooting for Alden, but I hear Tristan Brown and the Dutch squad are ready,” said Duroseau.

Jeffrey Cadet is Captain of the Alden squad. “Alden Terrace is not only ready, but we’re taking the chip. Dutch likes to brag, but Alden is going to win this game. It’s as simple as that.”

Tristan Brown retorted, “Dutch is going to win. We let our work on the court speak for itself. Alden won’t know what hit them.”

The “Everyday a Star is Born” game is pitting “Old School Players versus New School Players from the Elmont Memorial High School’s Varsity Basketball Team. College hoop star Dillon Williams is founder of the annual “Everyday a Star is Born Game.” The game is being sponsored by Senator Jack Martins.

The New School Players will be led by Tristan Brown. Nachbi Lacossiere will be leading the Old School team. Referees for the match-up will be Dutch graduate Franklin Thomas and Alden graduate Herve’ Duroseau.

“The New School Squad is ready for this challenge at the Martins Classic. We won’t wear the Old School guys down that much,” said Williams.

Nachbi Lacossiere quickly responded, “there comes a time when all children need to be put in their place. The Old School squad will be doing just that. There’s too much man power coming from the Old School team.”