Residents Shed Their Meds at Event Sponsored by Senators Martins and Skelos

Jack M. Martins

October 28, 2011

The picture says it all! Cars drove up in a steady stream and dropped off old prescriptions drugs under yet another sponsored program by State Senator Jack Martins called "Shed the Meds!" The community effort was a huge success this past Saturday hosting hundreds who drove their cars to the Alva T. Stanforth parking lot in Elmont and dropped off old prescription drugs. Senator Martins and volunteers greeted residents as they pulled their cars up and dropped off old medicines for disposal. The program, according to local officials, was an outstanding success.

In addition to outdated prescriptions, volunteers collected syringes and old medical supplies at the site under the direction of the Nassau County Police Department. Senator Martins was on hand to greet families that morning who pulled up in their cars and took advantage of the program. "This was a great success. Shed the meds helps the environment, keeps our drinking water pure and keeps families safe. I'm really proud that we could bring this program to the greater community," said Martins.