Senate Measure to Combat Crime by Expanding DNA Databank Signed Into Law

Jack M. Martins

March 16, 2012

A measure passed by the New York State Senate to expand the DNA Databank to include all crimes has been signed into law. The measure is seen as a major tool to protect New Yorkers and bring justice to crime victims by requiring that DNA sample be collected from everyone convicted of a felony or penal law misdemeanor.

“The use of DNA assists our law enforcement in solving crimes and is a valuable tool in prosecuting criminals as we work to protect the safety of our citizens,” said Senator Jack M. Martins, who supported the measure.

Previous state law only permitted DNA to be collected from less than half of the offenders (about 48 percent) convicted of a penal law crime. The expansion of the databank is supported by every major law enforcement organization in the state as well as many crime victim advocacy groups.