Senator Martins’ Legislation to Protect Water Quality in Roslyn Passed by Senate

Jack M. Martins

June 12, 2014

     Senator Jack M. Martins (R-Mineola) announced that the New York State Senate has passed legislation he sponsored to protect water quality in Roslyn. 

     In response to the wishes of the overwhelming majority of the Roslyn community, the Roslyn Water District, Village of Roslyn Estates, Town of North Hempstead, and Nassau County reached an agreement to temporarily place an air-stripper on a small parcel of land in Christopher Morley Park. The site was chosen because it is a non-residential area away from people’s homes. The air-stripper is needed to help ensure that the Roslyn Water District maintains high water quality with as minimal impact as possible on surrounding residents. The agreement stipulates that the air-stripper will be removed from the park once it is no longer necessary. However, the agreement could not be implemented without state legislation.

     The legislation sponsored by Senator Martins (S7596A) and Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel (D-Great Neck) enables that agreement to be carried out pursuant to the community’s wishes. The Roslyn Water District, Village of Roslyn Estates, Town of North Hempstead, and Nassau County requested the legislation on behalf of Roslyn residents to enact the agreement. The Nassau County Legislature unanimously passed a home rule message supporting the legislation.

     "Hundreds of community members spoke out at a town of North Hempstead public hearing urging that an air stripper be placed in a non-residential area, away from people's homes. The Roslyn Water District, Village of Roslyn Estates, Town of North Hempstead, and Nassau County worked together with the community to develop a solution which is responsive to the expressed wishes of the overwhelming majority of local residents. Passing this legislation moves this consensus agreement one step closer to implementation and one step closer to ensuring that the Roslyn community can continue to receive the high quality water they deserve," said Senator Martins.

     “This demonstrates that when all levels of government work together to achieve the best possible solution, we all win. I thank Senator Martins and Assemblywoman Schimel for their hard work to accomplish this result, whereby the residents of the Roslyn Water District benefit and the quality of our precious water supply is preserved,” said Town of North Hempstead Supervisor Judi Bosworth.

     “This shows that officials from multiple levels of government can work together and achieve a common goal – assisting the Roslyn Water District supply clean water to the residents,” said Nassau County Legislator Richard Nicolello.

     “I’m quite pleased to hear that Senator Martins was able to lead the efforts in the State Senate to pass this important legislation. The vast majority of residents of Roslyn Estates came out expressing their concerns with the air stripper being placed in our Village and wanted to see it moved into the Park. Our representatives in the State, the County, the Town, our Village and the Roslyn Water District all came together to make this happen. Although it is not finalized, this is a major step closer and I truly believe that if we all continue to work together we can make this happen,” said Village of Roslyn Estates Mayor Jeffrey Schwartzberg.