Senator Martins Attends Inter-School PTA Celebration in Elmont

Jack M. Martins

February 14, 2011

State Senator Jack Martins was back in Elmont to speak to over 400 Elmont community members and PTA leaders at the Covert Avenue School on the occasion of Elmont Inter-School PTA’s 114th anniversary. Senator Martins congratulated the PTA and thanked community volunteers for their “hard work and sacrifice in making Elmont’s schools a success.”

Senator Martins was invited to give remarks at the program and participate in the evening by the Inter-School PTA and Elmont School District. “Elmont’s schools and PTA are a partnership that makes things happen in the Elmont community,” said Senator Jack Martins noting, “the people gathered in this room are a vital key to the future success of our young people and schools in Elmont.”

The PTA anniversary celebration is hosted by the Elmont Inter-School PTA annually. Inter-School PTA is composed of each elementary school in the Elmont Union Free School District. The component PTA organizations of inter-school are: Gotham Avenue, Clara Carlson, Covert Avenue, Dutch Broadway, Alden Terrace and Stewart Manor schools. The theme of the Inter-School celebration was “One purpose, One goal, One voice.”

Senator Martins was greeted at the celebration by Inter-School PTA President Theodora Ridley, 1st VP Debra Ward, 2nd VP Lora Pitkin, Supt. Al Harper, Secretary Patricia Maffea, Cherry Redhead, Ann Burger and Barbara Reynolds. The elementary school PTA Presidents were also on hand for the affair and included Pauline Johnson, Annette Denehy, Sheila Shell, Nadia Elysee and Cynthia Ogbovah.

During the program, Senator Martins offered remarks to the audience and stayed for the entire entertainment portion of the program that included the string ensemble, select chorus and wind ensemble. “All of the acts were sensational and left audience members wanting more. Our young entertainers were fantastic. From the chorus to the string and wind ensembles it was obvious to see that we have a lot of musical talent in Elmont,” said Senator Martins adding, “it was also pretty impressive seeing our teachers picking up the instruments and getting into the acts themselves!”

Superintendent Al Harper also gave remarks at the celebration and thanked PTA for their work in Elmont’s schools. He was joined by Barbara Reynolds, Covert Avenue School Principal Andrew Weisman, Elaine Mitchell, Patricia Maffea, Annette Denehy and Theodora Ridley who also spoke during the gathering.

Senator Martins also took the opportunity to meet with School Board President Michael Jaime, Anthony Maffea and Patrick Emeagwali during the program and discussed state aid issues and strategies regarding the proposed state budget. Earlier that day, Senator Martins met with Superintendent Al Harper to discuss the budget, mandate relief and Elmont school priorities. It was the second discussion the two leaders have had in just the past week.

“This is a team effort with our schools, PTA and community to address the needs that our Elmont schools have. We’re off to a great start and I look forward to building on the partnership with PTA,” said Senator Martins.