Senator Martins Brings 'Pizza and Politics' to Westbury High School

Jack M. Martins

February 07, 2012

Senator Jack M. Martins brought his “Pizza and Politics” program to Westbury High School, where he met with members of the student council to discuss issues that affect the student body as well as current issues that are important in New York State.

The “Pizza and Politics” program was started by Senator Martins as a way to make government accessible to the students. The students council members are able to discuss political issues with the Senator over pizza, supplied by Senator Martins.

The students all have high hopes to enact positive change in their community, something that Senator Martins encouraged them to do. “You get involved in public office because you want to make a positive change,” he said, as he told the students, as representatives of their schools, to always consider both sides of an issue.

Senator Martins also told the students not to worry so much about political parties. “It doesn’t matter what letter is next to your name. It matters what you do,” he said.

When it came time for questions, students mostly expressed concerned over the proposed Westbury school budget vote. They fear the loss of sports and extra-curricular activities if the budget was to fail. Senator Martins encouraged students to be proactive is getting the word out for residents to go to the polls and vote in May.

After the discussion, Westbury High School Principal Manuel Arias presented Senator Martins with a Westbury High School sweatshirt. Senator Martins thanked the students and the principal for allowing him to visit and speak with the them about important issues affecting New York State.