Senator Martins Congratulates Mineola School District on Competitive Education Grant

Jack M. Martins

March 13, 2013

The Mineola School District will received a Competitive Education Grant from New York State for implementing cost-savings measures while maintaining management efficiency. According to New York State Senator Jack M. Martins, the grant amounts to $639,387 over three years.

For Mineola, the grant is well deserved. The district’s cost-savings measures, instituted by Superintendent of Schools Dr. Michael Nagler and the Mineola Board of Education as well as the entire school community including staff and community-based organizations, included:

- consolidating central office administrative responsibilities and positions;

- reconfiguring district-wide grade structure, allowing for the closure of two school buildings and reorganization of staff in order to prioritize funding for student programs; and

- identifying unused space for lease.

“The State of New York has recognized that the Mineola School District had made the necessary changes to contain costs in a difficult economic time while still maintaining its strong commitment to education,” Senator Martins said. Congratulations to Dr. Nagler, the board of education, and the entire school community. This grant represents a win for both the students and the taxpayers of the school district thanks to its administrative team.”

Competitive Education Grants for management efficiency rewards school districts that have implemented innovative strategies to improve the overall efficiency of school district management, while maintaining or improving student achievement. School districts across the State were invited to apply for a grant by demonstrating innovative cost-savings that were implemented in their districts. These schools found efficiencies and savings in their district operations, in areas such as transportation, maintenance staff, and administrative support. As models, these districts will provide roadmaps to other districts for how to contain escalating costs that continue to grow every year.