Senator Martins Honors Candidates at Gotham Avenue School Elections

Jack M. Martins

November 22, 2011

State Senator Jack Martins visited the Gotham Avenue School today to participate in the annual student council elections. Officers from the 4th, 5th and 6th grades ran for election to serve their fellow classmates for the school year. Senator Martins was invited to the election assembly to talk with students about voting, participating in democracy and supporting their fellow classmates.

“In today’s Gotham Avenue School election, everyone on this stage is a winner. Each of these candidates is a shining example of the talent we have in our community. I am proud of you, your family is proud of you and all of Elmont is proud of your running for office,” said Senator Martins.

The assembly began with Senator Martins speaking to a packed Gotham Avenue School gymnasium with students, teachers and parents. Assistant Principal Dennis Cowan officiated the election and spoke to students about listening to their classmates, taking notes and making informed decisions as they prepared to vote.

Senator Martins spoke about each of the candidates and noted that they were not only to be thanked for running for office, but that it’s not easy to stand up in front of the school, give a speech and run for office. “Each of these candidates has earned your respect, admiration and thanks for running today. All of them want to improve your school and work with all of you. These young people are our next generation of leaders at Gotham Avenue School and Elmont. From where I sit, we are in very good hands,” Senator Martins said.

One by one, students approached the podium on the Gotham Avenue School stage and spoke about their respective candidacies. All candidates did a fantastic job and earned applauds. There were races for President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary. Each candidate talked about their accomplishments and what they wanted to do for Gotham Avenue.

“The speeches were terrific and each of the candidates was poised, confident and did a great job,” said Senator Martins.

The candidates for election were: Rachel Johnston, Amber Kamil, Tanecia Sears, Christine Delorme, Aurbrey Jerome, Leilani Sears, Nadya Shivinandan, Tobi Fadugba, Claude Emmannuela Sayi, Robenna Lapomarel, Rubi Varughese, Ekua Ashon and Marie Constance Elizee.

After the election Assembly, Senator Martins met with all the candidates and their parents and talked about one of his favorite subjects- Elmont!