Senator Martins Honors Gloria Ciolli of Roslyn for Establishing Exemplary Business Model

Jack M. Martins

August 25, 2011

State Senator Jack M. Martins presented an official Senate Resolution recognizing the achievements of Gloria Ciolli of Roslyn for establishing an exemplary business.

Gloria was recently the recipient of the Sally Ann Slacke Memorial Award/Linda Jasper Memorial Award for developing an effective plan to help spark business growth within her company, Mediation & Collaborative Action Group, which she runs with Rita Medaglio-Barrera of Hauppauge.

Mediation & Collaborative Action Group specializes in effectively addressing and resolving family and business conflicts without threat of litigation through methods of mediation and collaboration.

Gloria is a licensed social worker and conflict specialist.

“It was my pleasure to honor Gloria for her success in business. I commend her as a professional and business woman. It’s not easy to start a business but Gloria had shown that it can be done,” said Senator Martins.