Senator Martins Informs Residents How to Search for Unclaimed Funds

Jack M. Martins

March 18, 2014

     Senator Jack Martins (R-Mineola) is informing residents how they can find out if they are entitled to any of the $12 billion in New York State unclaimed funds. 

     Unclaimed funds are monies such as un-cashed checks, old bank accounts, wages, utility deposits, and stocks and dividends that people have left dormant or forgotten about. State law requires banks, utilities, and many other businesses and companies to turn over these inactive accounts to the State Comptroller’s Office, which holds the funds in trust until they can be reclaimed by their rightful owner.

     Residents can learn more about unclaimed funds and perform a free search to see if there are unclaimed funds in their name by clicking here.  The State Comptroller's Office does not charge a fee to search or file a claim for unclaimed funds.