Senator Martins Joins with Lakeville School For Pink Lemonade Fundraiser to Fight Breast Cancer

Jack M. Martins

October 28, 2011

When someone hands you a lemon, make lemonade! That’s what the students at the Lakeville School in Great Neck did recently when they set up a pink lemonade stand. The students set up the lemonade stand to raise money to be donated for breast cancer research.

Senator Jack M. Martins stopped by and met with the students from Ellen Meisel’s fourth grade class to buy a cup and present each of the students with Certificates of Achievement. “This is a wonderful initiative the students at the Lakeville School do each year. It goes to a great cause and the students show how much they care for their community. I applaud them and the Lakeville School. These are our future leaders who are already creating awareness and fighting this disease. On behalf of New York State, I thank them,” said Senator Martins.

Despite it being a rainy and chilly fall day, the class raised close to $1,000 is just two hours!