Senator Martins Lends Support to Iraqi Boy Here For Medical Treatment

Jack M. Martins

April 27, 2011

Senator Jack M. Martins attended a special birthday celebration on Wednesday, April 27 at the offices of Long Island Plastic Surgical Group in Garden City. Zeenabdeen Hadi was turning 4-years-old, but he is no ordinary young man. Zeenabdeen’s perseverance and the commitment of his uncle has brought him from Iraq to the Long Island, where he will undergo medical treatment for serious injuries he sustained back home when he was just under a year old.

A few weeks before his first birthday, Zeenabdeen had been seriously injured when a car bomb exploded outside his home in Iraq. An electrical wire was dislodged and made contact with Zeenabdeen’s face causing serious bone loss and leaving his face disfigured.

With the help of Elissa Montanti and her charity, Global Medical Relief Fund, Zeenabdeen and his uncle Hasan Khazaal, who is taking care of the boy, came to the United States to undergo medical treatment for his injuries.

Dr. Kaveh Alizadeh of Long Island Plastic Surgical Group, through the charity Mission: Restore, will be providing treatment to Zeenabdeen. Dr. Alizadeh believes there will be as many as four surgeries done over the next six months to correct severe damage that the electrical wire did. However, Zeenabdeen is now on the road to recovery. Dr. Alizadeh has already seen the child go from withdrawn and shy to being more engaged as he adjusts to his new environment.

On Wednesday, Dr. Alizadeh and the staff at Long Island Plastic Surgical Group had a birthday cake for Zeenabdeen. The boy will also be given a precious gift in the form of the care and compassion.

The treatment that will give the young boy hope for a bright future has been a team effort. Besides Dr. Alizadeh and Long Island Plastic Surgical Group, Global Medical Relief and Mission: Restore, the Ronald McDonald House will be providing housing for uncle Hasan while Zeenabdeeen undergoes treatment.

As Dr. Alizadeh introduced Zeenabdeen, those came to meet him marveled at the bravery and courage he showed as well as the determination of his uncle Hasan. Among those attending were Senator Martins and Nassau County Legislator Richard Nicolello.

“We are all praying for young Zeenabdeen. He is a courageous young man who is going to receive the best of medical care. I want to recognize the efforts of Hasan Khazaal, who saved his nephew’s life. I also want to thank Elissa Montanti and her charity, Global Medical Relief Fund, for helping to get Zeenabdeen to America. Through the efforts and generosity of Dr. Alizadeh, the Long Island Plastic Surgical Group and Mission: Restore, Zeenabdeen will heal and have promise for a bright future. This is a story we can all learn from. It is one about the perseverance and enduring spirit of a young boy and his uncle and the compassion and generosity of many individuals all coming together to help. My office will be available to assist in any way we can,” said Senator Martins.