Senator Martins Lights Up Elmont Fashion Show as Celebrity Guest

Jack M. Martins

November 22, 2011

A night of glamour, glitz, music and art were showcased at Elmont Memorial High School this past week where the Elmont Music Department Fashion Show lit the night and raised funds for the music productions. Hundreds attended the gala event where casual wear, formal attire and music were showcased. State Senator Jack Martins was the celebrity guest and walked the fashion stage with Elmont Music Department Chair Eileen Kramer. Parents also got into the act and wore fashions as well and were led by Mrs. Byer, Mrs. Andrews and Mrs King. The designers and clothing were provided Adjmi Apparel and Selena Gomez!

"The fashion show was alot of fun and a great evening where dance, music and fashion were showcased in our greater community. The models were terrific and I was very proud of the performances of Anthonia Allanch, Markeena Novembre, Kayla Arias, Kordell Young and the Elmont Dance Team," said Senator Martins adding, "I was very honored to be asked to be part of this special evening!"

The funds raised from the fashion show go towards the Elmont Music Department productions. The evening began with students modeling different clothes and walking the runway modeling different outfits and style ensembles. The clothing lines were broken up into different types of clothing patterned after different times of the day and occassions. The crescendo to the show was a wedding dress on a wedding day.

During the show, special performances were put together by the talents of the Elmont Memorial High School Dance team. The music arrangement was put together by Oswald Wallace. In addition, the singing performances wowed audience members from current hits "Angel Eyes," Rolling in the Deep," and "Circles."

"The singing was truly outstanding and the Elmont Dance team has incredible talent," said Senator Martins concluding, "this evening was terrific from start to finish." At the end of the show, models and performers mixed and mingled with audience members in the foyer of the Elmont Auditorium.