Senator Martins Meets With Fire Chiefs From the 7th Senate District

Jack M. Martins

February 03, 2011

As part of his district tour and meetings with community groups and stakeholders throughout the 7th Senate district, State Senator Jack M. Martins met today with Fire Chiefs to discuss community issues, state funding and mandate relief. The meeting centered around composing strategies to help volunteer firefighters and emergency responders. Fire Chiefs from throughout the 7th Senate District, from Franklin Square to Port Washington, came together at the Mineola Fire Department to talk and work pro-actively together.

“This was a great session where we had a frank give and take discussion about State funding, mandate relief and issues that volunteer firefighters face each and every day with their communities,” said Senator Martins adding, “clearly, we can help our volunteer fire services and emergency responders by taking onerous mandates off their hands that have no relevancy to their jobs. At the same time, taking away these mandates will result in helping relieve property taxes.”

Fire Chiefs were given the opportunity to speak Senator Martins and ask questions about proposed laws being discussed in the Senate and initiatives that can help fire districts provide better quality service and educate their volunteers. In addition, Senator Martins was able to give status updates to Fire Departments on grant funding initiatives and pending projects.

“Being pro-active and communicating with our emergency responders and listening to their concerns is a priority I have always had. When the alarm goes off, these men and women are always there for our communities and have saved countless lives. State government has to be a partner with our Fire Departments and listen. For far too long, government hasn’t been responsive to emergency responders. I’m looking to change that as their Senator.”