Senator Martins: Mta Ready to Move Forward on Ellison Avenue Bridge Replacement

Jack M. Martins

April 28, 2014

     Senator Jack Martins (R-7th Senate District) announced that the LIRR has submitted a $39.2 million plan to replace the Ellison Avenue Bridge to the MTA Board for approval. Senator Martins fought for the funding to be included in the MTA’s Capital Program and worked to get the project expedited. 

     The Ellison Avenue Bridge has been used by cars, trucks, and pedestrians for nearly 75 years, and the wear and tear shows. While the bridge is safe, it has reached the end of its useful life and desperately needs to be replaced. 90 percent of the bridge is covered with steel plates and the New York State Department of Transportation has found serious deterioration in the structure.

     “This is great news for the Westbury community. Replacing the Ellison Avenue Bridge has been talked about for decades; now we are finally making it a reality. Improving safety while simultaneously creating jobs and promoting economic development is a win-win scenario and I’m pleased we could work together with Mayor Cavallaro and the LIRR to deliver these important benefits for residents,” said Senator Martins.

     “We have worked closely with local officials and Westbury community leaders who have long advocated for this project,” said LIRR President Helena E. Williams. “There is no question that the structure is need of replacement and that this project will create jobs while improving the ride for those who use the Ellison Avenue Bridge.”

     “The Village of Westbury strongly supports the LIRR’s proposal to replacement the Ellison Avenue Bridge in Westbury. The bridge is an important piece of the LIRR’s Main Line infrastructure that is badly in need of replacement. We are pleased that the LIRR is addressing the deterioration of the bridge, which we have long sought to address. We are grateful to LIRR President Helena Williams for her commitment to public safety in supporting our efforts to have the bridge project prioritized. We are also thankful to State Senator Jack Martins who has fought hard to make sure the bridge project remained on track. The project will once and for all assure motorist and pedestrian safety, as well as the safety of the LIRR trains and passengers traveling under the bridge daily. And, since the RFP also includes a project labor agreement, the project will create quality construction jobs are provided for our local Long Island workers, something that is sorely needed,” said Westbury Mayor Peter I. Cavallaro.

     The proposal was submitted to the MTA Board’s Long Island Committee for consideration Monday and is expected to be voted on by the full MTA Board Wednesday.