Senator Martins' Statement on the Governor's 2011-2012 Executive Budget

Jack M. Martins

February 02, 2011

The Governor’s budget is a very sober assessment of the state of New York’s finances. I’m pleased that he has recognized the seriousness of our budget problem. I’m also glad to see that his answer is to not tax his way out of the recession.

Having said that, I am very concerned over some of the specific cuts to the 7th Senate District. On the face of it, our schools, hospitals and local governments are looking at devastating hits that will have a profound impact on families in the communities I represent. Right now, we have schools who may have to do away with local diplomas and have already cut Summer School and critical programming to our young people. These are real issues that have consequences.

Clearly, we have difficult choices to make in the coming weeks as we go through the budget process. I stand ready to be a very active part of this process that insures that our voices are heard.

My focus is going to be on making sure that our State budget to schools, hospitals and local governments is fair, equitable and isn’t balanced on the backs of the most vulnerable and neediest in our communities.