Senator Martins Statement on Regents Reappointment Vote

Jack M. Martins

March 06, 2014

     “The New York State Legislature is soon expected to consider the reappointment of four incumbent members of the New York State Board of Regents. I will be voting “no” to all four. 

     The Board of Regents’ rollout and implementation of Common Core has been an unmitigated disaster. Thousands of concerned parents have contacted me to express their total frustration about the nightmarish common core implementation and the damage it has caused their children. Not a day goes by without hearing from one. I completely agree with all of them; a change is desperately needed.

     Reappointing four Regents who were integral to developing the State Education Department’s policies, including the flawed Common Core rollout, would be an affront to the parents, students, teachers, and educators who are forced to struggle with the realities of their off base policies. As we address the issues with Common Core moving forward, the board would benefit from a new set of voices and a fresh perspective. 

     The four incumbent Regents seeking reappointment are part of the problem; their departure from the board needs to be part of the solution.”