Senator Martins Supports Anti-Bullying Efforts at the Clara H. Carlson School

Jack M. Martins

January 03, 2012

An assembly at the Clara H. Carlson School in Elmont was the scene for a discussion on a very important issue that is dominating nationwide headlines- the subject matter was bullying. The gathering of students was an effort to educate young people on the very real and emotional testimony from Jamie Isaacs who was a victim of bullying and national advocate. Isaacs has electrified audiences and educated thousands on the issue and gives heartfelt perspective about the issue from her own personal experience.

The assembly was opened by Assistant Principal Stacia Walfall, school social workers, Nassau County Police and Senator Jack Martins. All of them encouraged students to listen, ask questions and learn about the issue. “If you educate young people about this issue and show them what to look for you could really have an impact on the life of one of your fellow students,” said Senator Jack Martins to a group of students before the program.

Isaacs has taken her cause of educating young people about bullying throughout New York State and nationwide. Isaacs is a victim of intense bullying. In fact, she considers herself a strong survivor due to the fact that the bullying started when she was in the end of second grade at 8 years of age and lasted till the end of seventh grade at 13 years old. The only reason the bullying stopped was because she was formally withdrawn from her school and enrolled in a private school.

Senator Martins lent his support to the effort calling Isaacs, “inspirational and someone our young people can relate to.” During the meeting, Martins sat in the audience with parents and students as the program was administered.

Students from 4th through 6th grades sat and listened intently to Isaacs as well as a member of the Nassau County Police Department. Senator Martins, in supporting the initiative, met with peer mediators before the discussion and listened to how they work within the school to try to help student situations that may arise.

In addition, Senator Martins met with Clara Carlson School peer mediators and listened to how they do their work within the school. Students shared with Senator Martins that they like helping others and problem solve issues that may arise during the course of the school day.

“Having peer mediators in our schools and offering educational programs like Jamie Isaacs is very important for our young people to see and experience,” said Senator Martins noting, “bullying is an issue that has serious consequences for our young people and we must educate everyone about the signs, and impact words can have on people.”

The Jamie Isaacs Foundation’s goal is to help children and their families overcome the devastating effects that bullying can have on kids, and their entire family. The foundation provides services to those who are victims of bullying, and do not have the financial means or resources to gain these services on their own.  Some of these services can include representation by an advocate or even attorney where needed.  It may also include counseling and psychological services, all provided by a third party, but paid for by The Foundation. In addition, if the victims family is left with no other option but to formally withdraw their child from the school where the bullying is occurring, this foundation will fund in part or in whole the tuition for a private school education, depending on the financial status of the victims family.