Senator Martins Tours Special Black History Month Art Exhibit

Jack M. Martins

February 22, 2012

Senator Jack Martins was given a special tour of the Elmont Memorial Public Library’s “Black History Month” Art exhibit this past weekend where he viewed national artist Charles Winslow’s Black History Collection. Senator Martins toured the exhibit with Winslow whose showcase was part of the annual Black History Month Celebration. The internationally known “thread" artist developed his unique art style in the 1960’s. Mr. Winslow is a self taught artist and is a member of the Long Island Black Artist Association. “It was a real honor to be given this tour by Charles and to hear his story. He showed me each of his pieces and their unique historical backgrounds. I especially liked his thread pieces that have been displayed around the country. Artists like Charles Winslow culturally nourish our community and educate everyone on the arts and our nation's history,” said Senator Martins.