Senator Martins Visits Atria Cutter Mill Senior Living

Jack M. Martins

April 18, 2011

Senator Jack M. Martins recently visited the Atria Cutter Mill senior living in Great Neck to address the residents. The seniors asked numerous questions of Senator Martins including questions about taxes, rent control and securing the safety of our water supply.

Senator Martins spoke about the recent state budget passed in Albany. He told the residents that during tough economic times, he felt it was important to cut spending. State lawmakers worked with Governor Cuomo to cut state spending by $10 billion. The budget didn’t include any new taxes or fees.

Senator Martins was also asked about the “Millionaire’s Tax.” This tax is currently imposed on residents earning $200,000 or more and families earning $300,000 or more. The tax will be expiring at the end of the year and was not renewed. Senator Martins explained that the tax was not part of the Governor’s budget when the budget was received by the Senate.

Senator Martins also informed the residents that as part of the budget, the Senate worked to restore $22 million to the EPIC program since it is important that seniors be able to continue to get prescription drugs.

“Our seniors have built our communities. I was happy to visit Atria Cutter Mill and answer their questions. Hopefully, I was able to inform them on what is happening in Albany. I know that I am able to learn from them. They have been through the tough times and have persevered. I look forward to coming back and visiting again,” said Senator Martins.

While at Atria Cutter Mill, Senator Martins met a special resident. Jeanne Entine is 104-year-old and will be turning 105 on November 29. Senator Martins vowed to return to wish her a happy birthday.