Senator Martins Visits the Polk Street School

Jack M. Martins

June 13, 2011

Senator Jack M. Martins was in Franklin Square continuing his listening tour of schools, communities and volunteer organizations throughout the 7th Senate district. Polk Street School was the scene for Senator Martins’ latest session where he was joined by Superintendent of Schools Patrick Manley and Polk Street School Principal Gilbert Torossian. The visit, according to Senator Martins, was “a lot of fun where he made a lot of new friends at Polk Street.”

The day also held a little bit of excitement for students as Senator Martins was reunited with a childhood friend in 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Dugal. Senator Martins went to school with Mrs. Dugal and her classroom was the first stop in his school tour. The reunion was a secret until he arrived. “This was a great surprise and I couldn’t have been more happy to see my friend,” said Senator Martins to an excited 2nd grade class of students. Mrs. Dugal and Senator Martins talked about their childhood to the excitement of the class.

Senator Martins talked to the second grade about their Summer vacation plans and about school at Polk Street. The 2nd grade sang Senator Martins the “Polk Street School” song and taught him the words in a sing along. “The second graders really made me feel at home at Polk Street School. I’m glad I made some friends in the class,” Martins said.

The next stop for Senator Martins was the computer lab where students showed the Senator their creative writing projects on their years at Polk Street. The fifth graders at Polk engaged Senator Martins in a question and answer period about his job as a Senator and what I was like to be a Mayor of a Village.

During the visit, Senator Martins also invited the 4th 5th and 6th grade students to participate in his 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament at Dutch Broadway School on Saturday July 16th.

The last stop in Senator Martins’ tour was the art room where the sixth grade was busily working on their School Gift Project. The Art project is a tile collage which will be unveiled at their graduation. “The tile project was incredible. The work and artistry the class put into it was truly impressive,” said Martins.

Senator Martins ended his tour by meeting parents of Polk Street School. He also met Polk Street School PTA Co-President Denise Marchese. “It was a great honor to spend some time at Polk Street School and visit with the students. I want to thank the teachers, Mr. Torossian and Supt Manley for their hospitality. I’ll be back soon,” Martins concluded.