Senator Martins Visits Saturday School in Elmont

Jack M. Martins

April 13, 2011

Senator Jack M. Martins visited the Clara H. Carlson School on a recent Saturday to tour the Elmont School District's Saturday ELA preparation academy. Principal Ken Rosner and Elmont School Superintendent Al Harper joined Senator Martins in the tour.

Students were reviewing lessons and getting extra help from teachers in preparation of the English and Math ELA exams being administered this year. The Saturday program is a unique one started in the district a few years ago through an initiative begun by Superintendent Harper. Senator Martins visited four classes and spoke to the Saturday school students about their lessons.

Along the tour, fourth graders shared with Senator Martins their personal goal with the ELA exam. In unison, the students said, "Score the 4, No Less, No More!"The slogan is also a district motto, referring to a "4" score, which equates to students exceeding state standards.

"This is a sensational program that is truly impressive," said Senator Martins. Over 300 students are in school on a Saturday morning learning and building on a solid educational foundation. I couldn't be more proud of our children in Elmont!"