Senator Martins Wishes Chabad of Port Washington a Happy 20th Anniversary

Jack M. Martins

April 29, 2011

On Thursday, April 28, Senator Jack M. Martins visited the Chabad of Port Washington where he met with Rabbi Shalom Paltiel and Sara Paltiel and congratulated them on the Chabad’s 20 years in Port Washington.

Rabbi Paltiel welcomed Senator Martins as they discussed the ongoing projects in the Chabad as well as the issues important to the Jewish community. Rabbi Paltiel showed Senator Martins the Synagogue and then took the Senator to the Florence Brownstein Pre-School.

Senator Martins met with the children and then answered their questions. One student just wanted to know if he has ever been to the White House. Senator Martins responded that he had the opportunity to visit the White House when President Clinton was in office as a member of a Portuguese community delegation.

Rabbi Paltiel also showed Senator Martins the new Adam Katz Athletic Center, named after Chabad’s President, which features a high-school size gymnasium. Rabbi Paltiel explained that Chabad plans to make it accessible to the community.

In addition, Rabbi Paltiel showed Senator Martins plans for the new Florence Brownstein Pre-School playground, “Florence’s Discovery Island.”

“The Chabad of Port Washington is an extremely impressive center. Rabbi Paltiel is doing some great things. The Chabad is an important part of the community and I thank Rabbi Paltiel for allowing me to visit. I want to wish him and the Chabad a happy 20th anniversary. Since day one, it took a strong commitment to turn the location into a beautiful place. Rabbi Paltiel, the board of directors and the staff are still working diligently to make the Chabad even better,” said Senator Martins.

Senator Martins also discussed a grant that was promised to the Chabad. Prior to Senator Martins taking office, a $250,000 grant that was promised to Chabad, along with other grants promised around the Seventh Senate District were de-funded by the former Senate Majority in December. Since taking office in January, Senator Martins has been working to try to restore the grant money. He told Rabbi Paltiel that there is still hope that the grant will be restored.

Rabbi Paltiel thanked Senator Martins for visiting and gave him a copy of the book, “The Rebbe's Army: Inside the World of Chabad-Lubavitch” by Sue Fishkoff.