Celebrate New York State Museum Week

ALBANY, 05/30/12 – State Senator James L. Seward (R/C/I-Oneonta) today encouraged residents to celebrate the diversity and richness of the state’s museums by discovering one of the many cultural offerings throughout the Empire State during the first ever New York State Museum Week. 

“New York State is filled with history and cultural diversity and, although I may be a little biased, I have to say that the museums in the 51st senate district are among the best we have to offer,” said Senator Seward.  “Museum Week provides an opportunity to rediscover our backyard treasures and explore other unique venues throughout the state.”

From May 31 to June 6, more than 200 museums across the state will be part of the inaugural New York State Museum Week and will be offering special events, activities and promotions to give guests a sample of the exhibitions and programs available at the nearly 2,000 museums located throughout New York.

“The tourism industry has grown by leaps and bounds in upstate New York and our world-class museums and other cultural attractions have a great deal to do with that.  Museums enrich our minds and our local economy.  I hope everyone gets a chance to visit as many as possible - this week and throughout the summer,” added Seward.

“Museum Week offers New Yorkers and travelers from around the world an opportunity to visit what is collectively the most impressive and unique cultural experiences anywhere to be found, from ancient treasures to the ‘I Love Lucy’ sound stage,” said Edward Maitino, Director of Tourism for Empire State Development, which administers the I LOVE NEW YORK program. "Not only do these institutions celebrate and preserve our historic and cultural heritage, museums enrich our communities and play a vital role in the state’s economy.” 

“The New York State Council on the Arts is proud to be part of the partnership that has brought Museum Week to citizens and visitors of New York State,” said Mr. Aby Rosen, Chair of the New York State Council on the Arts. “New York State has a long and proud history of public funding for museums in recognition of their important and unique role in education, tourism and community development. Museums make incredibly rich and lasting contributions to the economic and social vitality of cities and villages throughout the entire state. The participating organizations are fine examples of the variety of cultural and artistic expression offered to the general public in a broad array of settings and contexts. It is not often one can truthfully boast: Museum Week offers something for everyone.”

"We are delighted by the overwhelming enthusiasm the state's museums and heritage organizations are bringing to the inaugural New York State Museum Week," said Anne Ackerson, Director of the Museum Association of New York, "They want New Yorkers to discover them, fall in love with them, and come visit again and again."

Additional information concerning participating museums and special programs is available here.