Electrical Service Upgrade Needed in Laurens

ONEONTA, 02/23/12 – State Senator James L. Seward (R/C/I – Oneonta) has called on New York State Electric and Gas (NYSEG) to upgrade electrical service in the Town and Village of Laurens in Otsego County.

A number of constituents have contacted Senator Seward concerning frequent power outages.  Seward recently convened a meeting with representatives from the Town and Village of Laurens, Laurens Central School District and NYSEG to discuss the unacceptable situation.

“Bringing the parties together for a face to face discussion was a beneficial first step,” said Senator Seward.  “The discussion included a review of past problems and a conversation regarding some potential fixes – now NYSEG must act to improve service for those who live and work in Laurens.”

Senator Seward, in a letter to NYSEG President Mark S. Lynch, states:

“Residents have become so accustomed to power outages that they treat them as a way of life.  In this day and age that is simply unacceptable.  Further, this infrastructure inadequacy has become a detriment to attracting businesses to an already struggling community.  Ratepayers are angry, and I share their growing resentment about the mediocre service they are receiving for the rates they are paying.”

Seward says repeated power failures and unreliable service are unacceptable and if the situation is not rectified he will involve the New York Public Service Commission.

“There are several improvement options worth exploring and I look forward to collaborating with local officials and NYSEG to provide a positive outcome for Laurens,” Seward concluded.