Full-Fledged Strategy Needed To Lift New York

ALBANY, 11/09/09 – Senator James L. Seward (R/C/I-Oneonta) today commented on Governor David Paterson’s budget message:

“While I appreciate the governor’s effort and stand ready to work with him, his budget plan lacks the comprehensive and complete strategy needed to solve New York’s fiscal challenges.

“Reining in state spending through commonsense cutbacks and enacting a state spending cap are steps I can support.  We will have to cut spending.  Unfortunately, mid-year cuts to our schools, local governments and healthcare institutions would simply transfer the burden on our local taxpayers – a ploy I will fight.

“A multi-pronged approach that includes fundamental spending cuts, tax rollbacks and mandate relief is needed to help put our state’s fiscal house in order.  Most importantly, we need a bona fide blueprint for economic development success to jump start our upstate businesses.

“A healthy economic climate will produce tax revenue for the state, keep our best and brightest from leaving New York and encourage new businesses to relocate here.  Our small business owners and taxpayers  have done enough heavy lifting.  It’s time we repay them for their sacrifices and provide them with the assistance they need to make a full and successful recovery.

“I urge the governor to consider the proposal offered by senate Republicans more than six months ago as an alternative to his out of control spending plan.  The Senate Better Plan includes the consolidation of underutilized state agencies, cuts to state agency contracts, the reduction of non-personnel state spending and an increased crack down on Medicaid abuse.  The plan would also roll back onerous taxes that are breaking our families and businesses and encourage real economic growth.
“The governor called for action and I echo that call, as long as it is for the appropriate action, not the proposition he has offered.”