Herkimer County Bills Pass Senate

James L. Seward

May 20, 2013

ALBANY, 05/20/13 – The New York State Senate today passed a pair of bills sponsored by Senator James L. Seward (R/C/I- Oneonta) with special meaning to Herkimer County.

Senate bill 3949 would allow Herkimer County to choose a county public health director from outside the county.  The measure follows a home rule request from the Herkimer County Legislature.

“The bill amends state law to allow Herkimer County to expand its search area for a professional position that has very specific criteria,” said Senator Seward.  “The goal is to hire the most qualified candidate leading to superior medical service for the residents of Herkimer County.”

Senate bill 3051 would designate the Herkimer Diamond as the official state mineral.  The legislation, which was previously approved by the senate in 2011 and 2012, celebrates the distinctive quartz crystals from the Mohawk Valley.

“The Empire State has a proud tradition of recognizing and trumpeting the features that make it unique.  Certainly, the Herkimer Diamond is one of those rare treasures well deserving of ‘official’ statewide status,” said Seward.

New York State has previously designated an official gemstone (garnet), fossil (sea scorpion), shell (bay scallop), bush (lilac), salt water fish (striped bass), and reptile (snapping turtle), to name a few. Currently, there is no official state mineral.

Both bills have been sent to the assembly.