New Senate Majority Fails to Recognize Upstate Needs

First month of legislative session offers nothing to help real people with real concerns

ALBANY, 01/29/19 -- State Senator James L. Seward (R/C/I/Ref – Oneonta) today criticized actions taken by the new senate majority during the first month of the legislative session.

“The first month of the legislative session is now history.  Unfortunately, precious little has been accomplished that will make the everyday lives of real people any better,” said Senator Seward.  “The new senate majority, controlled by New York City politicians, has been busy making grandiose speeches and appeasing special interest groups, however, key issues like affordability and upstate jobs are not part of their agenda.”

Among the maneuvers opposed by Senator Seward:

  • A dangerous expansion of New York’s abortion laws that goes well beyond simply codifying Roe v. Wade and eliminates protections for pregnant women who suffer domestic violence;
  • Free college tuition to illegal immigrants;
  • Drastic reduction in committee representation, limiting debate and squashing opposition views;
  • New election laws that will impose massive costs – unfunded mandates – on local governments and property taxpayers.

“To close out the month, the Second Amendment came under fire.  A host of flawed and unnecessary gun control bills that, just like the SAFE Act, do nothing to improve public safety were the latest headline grab.  These bills, sponsored by downstate Democrats, fail to recognize the importance of firearms to upstate hunters and sportsmen, or to those who live in rural areas where police response can be lengthy.  These measures will increase costs and barriers for law-abiding gun owners while criminals will simply ignore them. 

“If Democrats were serious about dealing with the problem of gun violence they would take up measures I have proposed – comprehensive school safety improvements, an increase in mental health professionals,  tougher penalties for criminals convicted of violent crimes,”  Seward added.

Senator Seward joined with Republican colleagues earlier this month to call for a “Real Solutions” budget plan that will make New York more affordable for families and businesses while creating opportunities for future growth. 

“Tax cuts, programs to enhance job growth, state spending restraint, broadband service for the entire state, mandate relief for local governments, help for upstate roads, school safety improvements, and college affordability – those are the issues I am focusing on, because they are the concerns I hear from real people every day,” Seward concluded.