Petition Drives Home Point - New License Plates Not Required

James L. Seward

November 12, 2009

ONEONTA, 11/12/09 – Senator James L. Seward (R/C/I-Oneonta) today announced that more than 7,500 people have signed his online petition against a new state mandate that will require every New Yorker to purchase a new license plate in April whether he needs one or not, at a cost of $25 per vehicle. 

“The people in the 51st district have offered up a resounding NO to the governor’s plan to force New Yorkers to buy new license plates,” said Senator Seward.  “In just a few short days 7,500 individuals have signed my on-line petition calling on the governor to put the brakes on the new plates.”

The New York State Department of Motor Vehichles this week unveiled the Empire Gold Plates that will replace the current license plates staring in April 2010.

“These new plates are nothing more than fool’s gold and New Yorkers don’t want any part of the sham,”  Seward added.   “Families and individuals are already dealing with higher taxes and new fees thanks to the record spending state budget which I opposed.  Cleary they cannot afford to fork over anymore of their hard earned cash.” 

The license plate replacement plan requires motorists to purchase new plates over a two year period beginning April 1, 2010, as their registrations come due.  New plates will cost each vehicle owner an extra $25 and generate a total of $130 million in revenue for the state. The new plate requirement was included in the 2009-10 state budget and is in addition to the increase in driver’s license and motor vehicle fees that took effect September 1, 2009.

County clerks across the state have also initiated a campaign against the license plate replacement plan and have collected thousands of signatures in opposition.

People can sign on to Senator Seward’s petition drive against the new license plate plan by clicking here.