Senator Seward Receives Key Committee Assignments

ALBANY, 01/11/11 – State Senator James L. Seward (R/C/I–Oneonta) is set to fight for vital insurance, health, education and budget needs in the new senate session after receiving committee assignments.

 Insurance – chair,
 Agriculture,  Education, Finance,  Health, Higher Education, Mental Health, Rules

Seward was named chairman of the senate insurance committee, a post he previously held from 1999 through 2008.  “Finding quality, affordable health insurance is a constant struggle for families and businesses.  As chairman of the senate insurance committee, I will help guide state policy and ensure more people have proper coverage,” Seward said.  “Fighting fraud that drives up insurance costs for everyone, including the state, will also be a priority.”

Seward was also named to the senate standing committees on health and mental health.  “Often times health and insurance issues go hand in hand,” Seward added.  “How we deliver and pay for health care has been a major national debate for some time now, and I am eager to play a vital role in crafting state legislation on these issues that touch all lives.”

Seward will also serve on the senate standing committees on education and higher education.  “As we deal with the state’s economic issues, our local school districts, SUNY schools, and community colleges will be a focal point,” Seward said.  “Educating our young people while tapping into new, innovative ways to involve our school campuses in the state’s economy are key goals moving forward.”

Seward continues his service on the agriculture committee, another area of extreme importance across upstate New York.  “Farmers face unique challenges and I am proud to represent so many of them and other agriculture related businesses in the 51st district,” Seward added. 

Other committee assignments include finance and rules.  The finance committee guides development of the state budget, and the rules committee reviews legislation bound for a vote on the senate floor at the close of the session.