Seward Bills, Initiated by Constituents, Receive Senate Approval

ALBANY, 06/20/17 – State Senator James L. Seward (R/C/I/Ref- Oneonta) today announced senate approval of three bills he is sponsoring with statewide impact.

“As the 2017 legislative session nears conclusion, there are a number of bills that I am working to advance,” said Senator Seward.  “Three bills I sponsor, which were just passed by the state senate, promote affordability, highway safety, and innovation.  Each of these measures started out as an idea expressed to me by a constituent and, if signed into law, could make a real difference across New York State.”

Senate bill 4454 would allow owners of vintage snowmobiles to register their sleds for a reduced fee.  Since these special snowmobiles are used only for parades and other show events they should be exempt from the portion of the registration fee which is directed to the trail maintenance fund.

Senate bill 4547 would require new drivers with learners’ permits to display a special learner’s license tag or symbol on the rear window.  The practice, which is widespread in other nations around the world, would alert other drivers to use caution when nearing a vehicle operated by a learning driver.

Senate bill 3994 would allow property owners to utilize purple paint markings on trees as an alternative to the current method of defining property lines with posted signs. Several other states have enacted similar laws as a more cost-effective and long lasting alternative to traditional posted signs, which damage trees an are costly to replace.  Researchers also indicate that the color purple stands out in a natural setting, is not already used in the forestry industry, and is recognizable for colorblind individuals.

“Major initiatives that cut taxes, enhance our economic development, and help our local schools are always top priorities for me.  It is also important that we focus on other lesser-known issues that improve our laws, bring new ideas to the forefront, and enhance the lives of New Yorkers,” Seward concluded.

All three bills have been sent to the assembly for consideration.