Seward Calls For Binding Arbitration To Settle Senate Leadership Dispute

ALBANY, 06/24/09 -- Senator James L. Seward (R/C/I-Oneonta) today commented on the fight for senate leadership:

“It has become apparent that the governor’s calls for special sessions have not stopped the circus at the Capitol and more definitive action must be taken.  That’s why today I joined with my senate reform coalition colleagues in calling for binding arbitration to resolve the leadership dispute.

“Several options have been offered by the reform coalition to end the stalemate but the Democrat leaders have refused to be part of the solution. I am hopeful that arbitration will be the key to resolving the impasse allowing us to put an end to what has become an unworkable situation.

“I am confident that the leadership vote taken on June 8th will stand, allowing the historic reforms adopted by the bipartisan reform coalition to also stand.  These reforms will mean a more open senate that will operate in a fair and equitable manner.  Either way, I will accept the decision of binding arbitration.

“Important bills are awaiting our action.  Measures that will keep local property taxes down and extend job creating programs like Power for Jobs need to be acted on before the end of the month.  Binding arbitration will offer an immediate solution and allow the senate to get back to work.”