Seward Delivers $25,000 Grant to Aid Delaware County Sheriff's Office

Senator Seward (right) congratulates Delaware County Sheriff Craig DuMond after announcing a $25,000 state grant to help cover costs associated with a new investigator’s vehicle within the department’s Drug Enforcement Unit.

DELHI, 09/10/18 – State Senator James L. Seward (R/C/I/Ref-Oneonta) today announced $25,000 in state grant funding he secured for the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office.  The monies will be used to help cover costs associated with a new investigator’s vehicle within the department’s Drug Enforcement Unit. 

“Our rural police departments are faced with a number of challenges – fighting crime and keeping costs in check – and providing them with the tools they need to do their job has always been among my top priorities,” said Senator Seward.  “Drug crimes have been on the rise and it takes additional resources to fight this deadly epidemic.  This $25,000 state grant will help the sheriff’s office in the fight to keep drugs off the streets, and protect the citizens of Delaware County.”

Delaware County Sheriff Craig S. DuMond said, “Delaware County has experienced a sharp rise in drug crimes and the heroin epidemic in particular has taken a severe toll.  My office is committed to ridding our streets of illegal drugs but it takes time, manpower, and resources. The grant from Senator Seward will be a tremendous support as we work to bring criminals to justice, keep people safe, and make Delaware County a safer and more enjoyable place to work and raise and family.”

The $25,000 award secured by Senator Seward was included in a recently adopted state senate resolution and is administered by the state Department of Criminal Justice Services.  Senator Seward also noted the need for stronger laws to combat the rise in heroin and opioid sales. 

“As a member of the Senate’s Joint Task Force on Heroin and Opioid Addiction, I have worked to combat this deadly epidemic which is destroying lives, families, and communities.  This year’s state budget includes $247 million, a record level of funding, to strengthen prevention, treatment, recovery, and education services across the state.  However, we need to do more to stem the flow of these deadly drugs into our communities.  Comprehensive laws that target those who profit from the drug trade and prey on the addiction of others will help our law enforcement professionals and lives will be saved,” Seward added.

Senator Seward pointed to a package of bills passed by the senate, but not acted on by the state assembly, that would focus on enforcement.

The legislation includes stronger penalties for big-time drug dealers selling heroin, as well as for fraudulent medication prescriptions that fuel opioid addictions; measures to stop dealers from preying on children; and legislation that expands the types of dangerous controlled substances regulated by the state, among others.

The measures stem from extensive input received from New York’s law enforcement community, health professionals, former addicts, and others who have personally felt the effects of the opioid epidemic