Seward Marks Second Chance Month

COOPERSTOWN, 04/19/18 -- State Senator James L. Seward (R/C/I/Ref – Oneonta) today presented Jail Ministry of Otsego County Executive Director Ameen Aswad with a special New York State Senate Proclamation commemorating Second Chance Month.  

Once individuals have paid their debt to society, they will be returning to our communities and we all have a stake in their successful reintegration,” said Senator Seward.  “Second Chance Month is an opportunity to recognize and support those who want to make an honest effort at a new life.”

Second Chance Month is a national movement organized by Prison Fellowship designed to bring awareness to the stigma and barriers those coming out of prison or jail face. 

Jail Ministry of Otsego County Executive Director Ameen Aswad said, “Second Chance Month sends a positive message to inmates and the public alike.  We need to break down the barriers to reintegration that exist as individuals rejoin the community and fostering awareness is a key step.  I applaud Senator Seward’s support and recognition of Second Chance Month.”  


Otsego County Sheriff Richard Devlin Jr. and Otsego County Director of Community Services Susan Matt also took part in the presentation.


Senator Seward commended both Devlin and Matt and others who take part in the rehabilitation and reintegration process.

“Your work reduces the rate of recidivism elevating public safety and helps ensure that individuals who want to turn their lives around leave jail with a new sense of purpose, a strong support system, and the skills to be productive members of society,” Seward concluded.