Seward To Vote NO On Regents

James L. Seward

March 10, 2014

ALBANY, 03/10/14 -- State Senator James L. Seward (R/C/I – Oneonta) today stated that he will be voting against the re-election of four members of the New York State Education Board of Regents when balloting is held Tuesday, March 11.

“The shoddy implementation of the Common Core Learning Standards along with the Board of Regents’ increased reliance on high-stakes tests have clearly damaged our educational system in New York State. Parents, teachers, and school administrators alike have voiced their well-warranted concerns with the tense situation these new polices have created in our classrooms.

“With those concerns in mind, I will be voting to deny reappointment to the four Board of Regents members up for re-election. I simply cannot reward these individuals for their failures. I hope that the remaining board members, and any new candidates, pay attention to this vote and take immediate steps to reverse course on Common Core and focus on a more productive approach to enriching student achievement.”

Four of the 17 Board of Regents seats are up for re-election to five-year terms. Those whose terms are ending are: Christine Cea, representing Staten Island; James Jackson, representing Albany; James Cottrell, at-large; Wade Norwood, at-large. The regents are elected by the entire state legislature sitting in joint session.