Taxed Enough Already

James L. Seward

April 15, 2009

 ONEONTA, 04/15/09 – Senator James L. Seward (R/I/C- Oneonta) commented today on Tax Day Tea (Taxed Enough Already) Parties occurring in his district.

 “Hard working taxpayers are gathering throughout my district today to speak out against the ever growing tax burden they are forced to shoulder.  I join them in expressing my frustration with the rising cost of living in New York due in great part to ever increasing taxes.

 “The new state budget will only weigh down overburdened, hard working families and businesses further.  That’s why I fought for lower taxes and voted against the plan.  The budget, developed in secret by Democrat leaders, means higher income taxes, utility taxes and health insurance taxes.  An average family of four will be paying $2,400 more a year because of the budget.

 “New Yorkers have the highest combined state and local tax burden of any state - and the governor and legislative leaders missed an opportunity to provide genuine, structural property tax relief.  Worse, the Albany politicians eliminated STAR rebates.

 “Tax Day Tea Parties are just the start.  We need to rein in state spending and enact meaningful tax relief measures that will help individuals and families stay in their homes, and allow small businesses to thrive and create jobs.  I will be fighting hard for the forgotten middle class.”