No More Taxes, Fees and Outlandish Spending

James S. Alesi

April 23, 2010

April 23,2010

New York’s fiscal and economic future is directly linked to the success or failure of small businesses throughout our State. There are more than 1.6 million small businesses in New York, accounting for 99% of all businesses in our state and 57% of our total business employment. These businesses generate roughly 40% of our State’s total gross receipts, and nationally, small businesses are responsible for roughly two-thirds of all new job creation.

But last year, and again this year, at a time when most New Yorkers are already struggling to cope with the severe economic downturn, Gov. Paterson and his fellow Democrats in the Senate and Assembly are making matters far worse by adding to our already heavy tax burden.

In total, 125 distinct taxes and fees totaling $18.7 billion were either enacted in last year or are currently under discussion for this year by the Democrat Leadership in the Senate and Assembly. This includes the $10.3 billion in new/increased taxes and fees they enacted into law last year, as well as approximately $8.4 billion in new/increased taxes and fees proposed for this year.

On top of these new taxes and fees, Democrats in the Senate and Assembly are also now looking at a massive new multi-billion dollar debt and borrowing scheme that will only make matters worse for hard-working, over-burdened taxpayers, for small business owners and for New York’s economic future.

I will vigorously oppose any proposed news taxes and fees, as well as any proposed increases to already existing taxes and fees. We cannot continue to tax New Yorkers out of the state. That is why I am pushing vigorously for a spending cap and property tax cap.


Senator Jim Alesi

P.S. As a taxpayer myself, I will continue to strongly oppose outlandish spending that cannot be tolerated by those of us picking up the tab.