Property Tax Relief

James S. Alesi

March 21, 2010

Property Tax Relief

This week the New York State Senate, with my support, passed a Property Tax Relief bill S6212. The legislation restores the STAR rebate check program for senior citizens with incomes below $150,000, as well as a property tax spending cap.  “It is the beginning of what needs to be a multi-level approach to Property Tax Reform that will provide meaningful relief to the hard-working, over-burdened taxpayers in our community,” said Senator Jim Alesi.

Last week, the Senate Republican Conference proposed the “Homeowner Protection and Property Tax Rebate Act”. This plan would provide a property tax rebate check for every middle-class taxpayer across New York State. “I have heard from many of my friends and neighbors on this issue of great importance to them. We need to do more to address the onerous property tax burden placed on residents throughout our community,” stated Alesi.

The Republican plan also includes a property tax cap and a permanent ban on all unfunded mandates to reduce local costs and provide further property tax relief. While the Senate Democrats voted against our more expansive and much needed approach to property tax reform, I will continue to fight for real reform until all over-burdened taxpayers receive the property tax relief they deserve.